Five Places To Detox On Your Lunch Break This Week

As summer comes to a close, we’re guessing you, too, are in need of a detox. That’s right — it’s time for overindulgence damage control. From an intense spin class to a requisite green juice, below are five places to visit for an instant reboot right now.

1. SoulCycle, 55 Court Street
Visit the Downtown Brooklyn location of this cult favorite workout to sweat those stress chemicals out the hard way…

2. Physio Logic, 409 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor
…Or slip into this renowned wellness mecca to get a lymphatic drainage massage for a natural removal of toxins and all-around reduction of swelling.

3. Brooklyn Juicer, Dekalb Market Hall, 10 Albee Square West
A dark green juice from the no-frills stall in Dekalb Market Hall — like their Kale Blast — is the way to go. Or make your own at home and bring to work with you — apples, lemon, ginger, turmeric, beetroot, kale and mint is a very refreshing combination.

4. Radicle Herb Shop, 394 Atlantic Avenue
Sipping herbal teas with dandelion or nettles rids your body of toxins. Stop into the Atlantic Avenue shop for a plethora of options, and some friendly advice.

5. Shen Beauty, 315 Court Street
Stop by the neighborhood spot (turned international natural beauty destination) for a Congested Pore Facial, which features deep extractions and bacteria-killing blue LED light for a (very) clean slate.