Black Forest Is A Neighborhood German Spot With Lots Of Heart

It’s cozy restaurant season, and German fare is pretty high on the hearty and filling meter. We visited Black Forest on Smith Street on a recent rainy day to warm up, fill up and, well, drink up. Owners Ayana and Tobias Holler opened this location around three years ago after a successful few years at their Fort Greene location, and we’re glad they did.

Q: What sets you guys apart from other German restaurants?
A: We both grew up in Germany’s Black Forest region, so our menu is basically the food we grew up with. Therefore it is very easy for us to be authentic with the food. On the other hand, we are also Brooklynites for over a decade, and we wanted to combine that German authenticity with a modern, laid-back Brooklyn vibe.

Q: Did you meet here, or back home?
A: We both grew up in neighboring villages in the Black Forest in Germany, but we never met until we both moved to Brooklyn!

Q: What are must-order dishes for a crowd?
A: You need to try our giant soft warm German pretzels, the flatbreads, and, of course, the fresh German sausages. All of these are perfect for sharing, and for a large group.