Lift Is An Antidote To The Daily Grind, Where Everything (Including You!) Floats Away

The health benefits of sensory deprivation tanks are many: deep relaxation, meditation, exercise recovery and pain relief. When we visited Lift, a light and airy second floor floating space on Court Street with five tanks, owner David Leventhal educated us on an impressive number of alternative benefits as well. A former neighborhood dweller who “loved the vibe and aesthetic” of the area, David floats at least once a week and runs a multi-tank location in Brooklyn and one on Long Island. 

So, who is a good candidate for floating?
Anyone who wants to feel like they just got back from vacation.

How does it work?
After a brief tutorial, you’re led to a room where you’ll shower off, strip down and get into the tank of your choice. One thousand pounds of Epson salts per tank create buoyancy and the body-temperature water creates a womb-like feeling.

We’ve heard that, post-float, one’s brain waves resemble those of a person who’s engaged in long-term meditation. What else does sensory deprivation offer?
Creative professionals (like the late, great Anthony Bourdain — who was a fan) swear by the theta brain state they can achieve which inspires creativity. Others report having spiritual and even psychedelic experiences accompanied by visual and auditory hallucinations. It’s also been proven to help people with PTSD and fibromyalgia. 

That’s wild.
Professional basketball players who have visualized making baskets have improved their free throw percentages. Navy SEALS have learned languages in six weeks when it would typically take six months.