Add A Personal Touch To Your Home or Office With The Rad Art Selection At Picture Room

Sensing a market for accessible contemporary art, former bibliographer Sandeep Salter opened art shop Picture Room next to the iconic McNally bookstore in NoLiTa back in 2014. When she moved to Brooklyn with her husband and daughters three years later, it made sense to move her shop around the corner, too.

The shop — think pristine white gallery walls, warm wood floors and minimal furnishings — is impressively light, airy and inviting for a business that slings modern art, an environment that is traditionally a bit exclusive. It’s laid out like a record store, with artworks hanging, spread out on tables, and stacked in open boxes, producing the feeling that you’ve discovered a diamond in the rough, when in reality the knowledgeable staff, like Philo Cohen and Yves Golden (pictured below), have gently guided you through the process.

But that’s the thing about Picture Room: It’s not just the vibe that’s welcoming. With a price tag offering ranging from the tens to the tens of thousands, the selection is wallet-friendly for novice buyers as well. (In fact, when we stopped in, we couldn’t help but walk off with a Cory Siegler risograph print for just $14.)

Picture Room is a quick walk from The Wheeler, and they offer hanging services, too. Your office walls are practically begging for an upgrade.

  • Picture Room
    117 Atlantic Ave - Between Hicks and Henry
  • pictureroom.shop
    (347) 987-4675