Natural Beauty Shop Shen Is A Cult Favorite In Brooklyn — And Far Beyond — For Good Reason

Local stylist Jessica Richards opened Shen in 2010 when she walked the streets of Cobble Hill looking for a face cream and couldn’t find one. What she has accomplished in the nine years since is pretty incredible: Shen is an internationally recognized beauty shop that carries mostly niche natural organic products, a community of sorts that believes the beauty world has changed (finally!) and finds that people are more conscious of ingredients than ever before. It’s no wonder, then, that Shen is where New Yorkers and visitors alike go to buy natural beauty products — and to learn about the latest and greatest from the team of devotees who run the Court Street shop (a team, it’s worth noting, that tests each and every product that comes through the door).

So. New to natural beauty? Looking for a quick pick-me-up on your lunch break? Gloriously overwhelmed by the bottles, droppers and potions stacking the shelves? Here are some Shen customer favorites — always a solid place to start, if you ask us — and the scoop on what, exactly, each will do for you.

Glow Drops, Barbara Sturm: A milky, kind of miracle serum that is said to breathe life into dry, dull skin in a couple of drops.

The Blue Cocoon, May Lindstrom Skin: A pea-sized amount of this cream featuring blue African flower calms irritated skin.

Plant Genius Line-filling eye balm, Alpyn Beauty: An eye cream formulated from hand-cultivated, wild-growing botanicals with the idea that they are the most resilient plants in the natural world.

Cream foundation, Kjaer Weis: A gorgeous, sustainable (refillable!) compact made from totally organic materials.

Oh, and the best brows services and facials in Brooklyn, according to those in the know: Their aestheticians have a cult following, and they have every product imaginable on-hand.

  • Shen Beauty
    315 Court Street - Between Sackett and Degraw
  • shen-beauty.com
    (718) 576-2679