How To Keep A Flower Delivery At Full Bloom, According To The Experts At Floral Heights

There is so much to learn about flowers, and there is so much to learn about yourself from flowers. Most of us find out within a day or two of buying or receiving a bouquet that we are not diligent caregivers. But, so long to all that — experienced and super-talented florist Charlotte D’Costa Taylor of Floral Heights is here to show us how to extend the life of our beloved floral arrangements from here on out. Whether you’re popping in for a custom bouquet or a potted orchid, hers is the most welcoming, streamlined shop around.

– How often should we change the water?
Change the water completely every other day, and add a little more water every day.

– Do we really need to cut our flowers before putting them in water?
Yes. Cut at least an inch on an angle because it reveals more of a drinking surface. For anything woody or hard, split the stem.

– Ok. Anything else?
Avoid heat and direct sun. Your flowers should now last between five and ten days.

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