Go To Alamo Drafthouse For Your Next Dinner (And Drink) (And Movie) Date

October means switching from iced coffee to hot coffee, from weekend trips to the beach to weekends in the city, and watching new releases in the theater as a means of entertainment, not as an escape from a heat wave.

And there’s no better way to see a movie than at Alamo Drafthouse, a movie theater that promises you “the best film, food and drink all in one seat.” Meaning, yes, you sip a cocktail, eat your dinner and watch a movie all at once. Here’s how it works: During the pre-show, a waiter comes and takes your order, and delivers it stealthily when the lights go down. Need a refill or a re-up on snacks? Simply fill out the little paper menu provided, and slide it into the clip on the edge of your table for the waiter to see.

As for which films to check out this month, here’s what the staff at the Downtown Brooklyn outpost recommends:
Phantom of the Opera with a live orchestra
Little Shop of Horrors in 70 mm
– A “Champagne screening” of Practical Magic
– Beetlejuice, Evil Dead 2 and other Halloween classics
A Star Is Born, the new remake of the old classic starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper