Treat Yourself To A Better Sandwich at Francois Payard’s KarVér Brasserie

Renowned chef Francois Payard may not have invented the made-to-order sandwich with his new Downtown Brooklyn spot KarVér Brasserie, but he definitely elevated it. The bread is made fresh, thanks to a state-of-the-art machine that rolls out just-baked dough every ten minutes, and the flavors range from the classic (traditional ciabatta) to the culinary (squid ink, anyone?). And then there are the sandwich fillings: Chicken tandoori with hummus, arugula, yogurt and mint sauce. Cuban slow-cooked pork with mortadella, swiss cheese and mojo sauce. Ham and bris with cornichon and honey mustard butter.

Payard’s offerings goes well past the sandwiches, too: Chicken paillard, if you have a minute to dine in. His famous flourless chocolate cookie and huge almond crossaints, if you are looking for a sweet something to go with a coffee. And, because we are in Brooklyn, three kinds of Kombucha on tap.

Bon appétit, indeed.

  • KarVér Brasserie
    129 Livingston Street between Boerum Place and Smith Street Downtown
  • https://www.karver.com/