Dinner Is Served, Thanks To The Gourmet Butchers At Dellapietras Brooklyn

If you enjoy a good steak, or a hearty meatball, or an expertly made hero, or any sort of food at all, then go to local specialty meat shop Dellapietras. Immediately. On your lunch break, or after work, or whenever. Just walking in the shop will lift your spirits, be it from the platters of chicken parmesan or links of fresh sausage or trays of tortellini — or from the gruffly warm expertise of the staff, who want nothing more than to feed you, or help you in your quest to feed others. We quizzed owner Rob Dellapietra on what to serve our guests this holiday season.

Crowd-pleaser cut of meat to serve?
A 60- or 80-standing day prime rib roast.

Rule of thumb when figuring out how much to order?
The best way to judge is to figure you can feed 2 – 3 people off every bone.

Ok. And how best to prepare?
A little olive oil, salt, pepper. You don’t need to be a chef. You could boil our cuts of meat and they would still be good.