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What To Serve At Your Next Gathering, According To The Experts At Brooklyn Wine Exchange

Brooklyn Wine Exchange is exactly the kind of neighborhood bottle shop one hopes for: Opened in 2009 by Brooklynite Christopher Modica, the Court Street shop boasts friendly, knowledgable (and unpretentious) employees, and a robust, hand-picked selection of wines for under $14. There is even a 40-seat wine education room in the back, where staff give […]

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09.17.2018  I  Brooklyn , Neighborhood , Shop Local

What To Wear This Fall, According To The Woman Who Dresses The Creative Professionals Of Downtown Brooklyn

Lara Fieldbinder is the kind of woman who knows potential when she sees it. Take Article&, the womenswear shop she opened on Smith Street to accommodate the fashion needs of the growing population of creative professionals working (and playing and living) in the Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood. Or consider the clothes and accessories themselves, a well-edited […]

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08.27.2018  I  Brooklyn , Neighborhood , Shop Local

GRDN Is The Touch Of Nature Downtown Brooklyn Needed

When you walk into GRDN, a tucked-away garden shop off the always-bustling Atlantic Avenue, your senses are quickly heightened: You inhale the scent of blooming lavender, you take in floor-to-ceiling greens, and you hear a soft greeting from owner Susanne Kongoy. This immersive experience is by design, naturally: Susanne opened GRDN fourteen years ago when […]

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